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Everyone has had an encounter with rodents at some point, this is common since the plague of mice is the most developed in the world. There are more rodents than people in the world. Whether it is a restaurant, a food industry, an office, or a company, rodent control is carried out regularly, this is because these animals are great vectors of diseases. So, here in this article let’s know how to get rid of Rats.

The rodents considered pests in the country are different species that, due to imports and exports throughout human history, have spread throughout the planet.

What Is Professional Rat Removal Service?

Rat Removal Service is pest control and elimination of rats and mice. The rats and mice in our environment become a plague. Rodents live secret close to us. For instance in the authorities of our homes and utilize the sewer to move.

They make the most of the smallest chance to enter our homes and offices searching for food and sanctuary. They have demonstrated vectors of infection and different parasites, for example, insects and bloodsuckers.

Professional pest control company, Safe Pest Control uses several control systems. From inspections for the detection of signs, traces, and possible entry points, capture treatments, multiple captures, Rat Removal treatments through a rat bait stations plan, monitoring using ultraviolet lights, and more systems that allow the repulsion or eradication of rat and rat infestations of our habitat.

How To Identify Rat Infestation:

Rats are active at night, therefore, to properly identify a plague of rats, it is necessary to look at the traces of rat activity, among which we can mention the following:

Gnawing noises: In the walls or under the floor. They can also be heard running through false ceilings.

Odor: Rats leave behind an ammonia-like fragrance, especially strong in more confined areas.

Rat Nest: Rats construct homes in warm, covered-up places with materials like paper and destroyed texture. Settles frequently contain child rodents.

Droppings: Rats leave dark, pointed droppings about 10-14mm long.

Burrows: In gardens, rodents dig tunnels particularly in manure heaps and under sheds. They additionally assemble homes under garden decks.

Defects: Rats’ teeth grow continuously and gnaw on wood and plastic.

Torn Food Wrappers: Rats tear open bundles of food and can leave teeth marks.

Types Of Rats:

At Safe Pest Control, we are fully aware of this species and its behavior, we constantly carry out rat extermination services in various places. We managed to substantially reduce the rodent population. Trust us, hire a professional.

The components of the genus Rattus have the typical biological cycle of mammals, the female gives birth at 21 days (vent rat) or 22 (black rat).

The rat can generate 5 to 14 offspring and the black rat from 5 to 10, the offspring become adults at 2 and 3 months respectively. The number of births per year that females can have is variable and happens depending on temperature conditions, food availability, or ease in the construction of appropriate burrows.

This means that the number of births can range from 2 to 7 for the sewer rat and from 3 to 5 for the black rat. The average lifespan of the cloaca rat is 3 to 4 years, while the black rat can live 3 to 7 years. See below the types of rats.

Sewer Rat:

It usually lives in very humid places, being the one that has proliferated the most in the network of sewers, extraordinary swimmers, and acceptable climbers.

It is omnivorous, it can still feed on insects, such as their corpses, vegetables, or very diverse materials (paper, wood, rubber, lead, tin, plastic), being able to ingest a third of its weight every day.

They build burrows in holes under the ground or inside sewers and penetrate houses in search of food to return to the burrow where they feed their young, although if they find an appropriate place they may nest inside. or near human-built facilities.

Its activity is mainly at twilight and its routes inside the buildings tend to follow the corners of the walls, where it feels safer because it has a protected side. In open spaces, they prefer to follow the shortest route, even if this means crossing open spaces.

Black Rat:

The black rat makes its burrows in dry places and once it has chosen the place, it is very difficult for it to leave this area. It does not like to travel long distances to feed, but it avoids open areas, even if this means going around a lot.

It feeds on animal and vegetable products, is a good climber, and can climb completely smooth walls at great speed, and it is common for them to form nests in the upper parts of palm trees or in the attics of houses.

The two species live in a community so they often send scouts in search of food to new areas to go to live.

When they discover new food, all their behavior is extraordinarily distrustful, first, one of the components of the community tests it and in the event that it dies, it is rejected by all the members for the rest of its life.

It is necessary to highlight the ease of immunization of these mammals against any poisonous matter, thanks to mechanisms that change their metabolism or the practice of cannibalism that allows them to ingest small doses of the poison to eliminate them, facilitating immunization.


All mice are omnivores, although they show preferences for the seeds of cereals and derived products. When these are missing they can eat the strangest things we can imagine: soap, leather, wax, plastics, or paper.

An adult specimen eats about 3 grams of solid food per day, (equivalent to 70-100 grams of wheat), but the damage they cause is much greater since the mice delight in trying everything and try a little of everything. the sites, so that everything that has been tested has to be thrown away.

They are also dirty with urine and excrement wherever they go, destroying an even greater number of foods.

Its reproduction is carried out throughout the year if the conditions are favorable. A female can give birth about 8 times each year and in each birth, 5 to 6 pups are born, although there can be births of up to 10 pups.

House mouse little guys become reproductively skilled at about a month and a half old enough. Inside structures, they cause their homes anyplace where they to feel safeguarded, in upper rooms, on the floor behind cupboards, or even inside drawers.

They assemble the homes with any suitable material, fabric, fleece, paper, or plastic.

Activity Of Rats and Mice:

Rats are living beings that tend to live in places with little traffic and on many occasions in places where hygiene is poor, such as the sewer network. This implies that they are illness vectors, along these lines they can send different infections, nonetheless, it ought to be noticed that on the off chance that we are not gone after by one of them it is challenging for them to communicate any sickness to us. See below the activity of rats and mice.

  • Throughout the summer and fall, rats and mice enter homes in greater numbers than at any other time of year.

  • They seek safety, a dry shelter, food, and a temperature suitable to their taste and needs.

  • There are many signs that rats and mice are invading us. You may hear running or gnawing noises at night, or see signs of their presence – gnawing marks or footprints in flour or dusty patches.

  • Along the way, you will be able to observe urine marks, grease stains, and dirt on their hair.

  • Rat nests, piles of food or nesting material, and more nervous pets than usual are other signs of rat presence.

  • Behavioral differences between rats and mice are recognized that allow us to control these pests efficiently.

  • Both have adapted very well to living inside buildings, but they have done so in different ways.

  • Mice are quick to investigate new objects they find inside, while rats are more cautious.

  • The mice eat a little here and a little there, while the rats stand and eat a lot.

  • Mice drink water but can survive long periods of time without it, while rats need it daily.

  • Mice have much smaller territories than rats.


Our Pest Control Services Also include:

How Safe Pest Control Remove Rodents:

Rodent infestations are common and cause many problems: they contaminate stored food, damage buildings, and property, and can spread dangerous diseases. Safe Pest Control specializes in solving rodent problems in different facilities and uses prevention and control techniques through physical or chemical barriers capable of keeping facilities free of rodents.

Hiring a rat extermination service in Sydney with a price adjusted to your specific needs is possible thanks to the work we offer. We have specialized in offering effective solutions and comprehensive control against rat and mouse pest problems in businesses or neighboring communities thanks to the use of correct prevention and control techniques through physical or chemical barriers capable of maintaining different types of facilities. totally rodent-free.

The control of these rodents, transmitters of a large number of diseases to humans, can only be carried out by specialized rat extermination companies such as ours. To eliminate mice and rats in Sydney, at Safe Pest Control, we have the most efficient chemical, mechanical and manual equipment and, at the same time, the most respectful of our environment and people’s health. Keep in mind that the simple detection of a single specimen is a sign that there are dozens, perhaps hundreds of rodents in the area.

They multiply very quickly due to their resistance and reproductive capacity since they have several very numerous litters a year. In addition, thanks to their great flexibility, rats are capable of becoming strong in the most unexpected and inaccessible corners.

That is why it is advisable that, at the slightest sign of the presence of rats in your area, contact our pest control company in Sydney at affordable prices, where we will offer you a tailor-made solution.

How Do We Work To Control Rodent?

Our rat elimination work begins before the installation of the first control teams with the preparation of prior technical reports, and ends after the elimination of the pest, in order to guarantee that it does not reappear later. We establish the plan to follow, its development and subsequent control are the phases of effective work planning. Likewise, our team advises you on the most appropriate methods to prevent the proliferation of any type of pest.

Although everyone knows that rodents are very prolific, from our organization we want to transmit more specific data so that you can be aware of the implication of their detection.

Rats are rodents whose reproductive capacity begins to fully develop a few weeks after birth. In fact, females have their first heat period at six weeks and this (unless they are pregnant) reproduces approximately every week. A healthy female rat can have more than 20 pups in each litter and they can have up to 12 clutches each year.

This gives us an idea of ​​the enormous reproductive capacity of this species that, in addition, can transmit a good number of diseases to man. That is why it is so necessary to entrust its rat extermination and elimination to a specialized company like ours.

Thanks to our great experience as a fumigation and pest control company, we are aware of the importance of using chemical products that do not produce side effects on both people and pets. In addition, it is also important to look for processes that are as respectful as possible of the environment. 

Therefore, this becomes essential when we detect signs of the presence of a rat plague. Well, attacking this problem in time can save us a lot of problems. Both domestically and in case they are in our business. It is a necessary treatment to get rid of these pests and know how to exterminate rats.

If you have problems with rodents, here you can count on the help of the best professionals who are experts in this type of problem, and thus you will know how to exterminate rats.


Our rodent elimination process consists of the following steps to guarantee its complete effectiveness:


Before starting the rat extermination process, the area in which it is going to be carried out must be inspected. Both the place of activity and its characteristics are important aspects to analyze.


Once the inspection has been carried out, our professionals will be able to draw up an action plan totally adapted to the particular case.


Once all the necessary information has been collected and analyzed. Our experts will apply the appropriate treatment for the existing plague, thus achieving this objective.


In order to avoid the reappearance of rodents, it is advisable to carry out 4 treatments a year as a review of the most troublesome points. We like to monitor the work carried out to guarantee its success and verify that the entire process has been carried out perfectly.


If you think you may be experiencing a problem with a rodent infestation, contact our team, who will assist you without obligation. One of our technicians will contact you to offer you a personalized solution. Don’t suffer anymore, and say goodbye to those annoying rodents.