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About Us

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Local Pest Control Sydney Specialist

Pest Control Sydney Side provides pest services that are fast, affordable, and, most importantly: effective. No wonder our customers love our services.

  • Commercial Service From $160
  • Includes rodent treatment
  • Servicing all of Sydney
  • Fully licensed crew
  • 15 Years experience
  • All pests & bugs treated

About Pest Control Sydney Side

Pest Control Sydney Side is an essential service for every home and business in Sydney. Our company offers expert pest services for all types of pests, in both residential and commercial premises.

Pest Control Sydney Side offers all sorts of pest services in Sydney for both residential and commercial premises. Our company is committed to providing the most reliable, affordable service possible. We are pleased with our work and would love for you to join the thousands of other satisfied customers who have already benefited from using us.

pest control sydney side about us

Residential Pest Control

We offer premium residential pest control, which allows you to enjoy your home without worrying about any unwanted pests ruining it for you.

Our residential rates are fixed at $150 per project (the least in all Sydney).

We know that at some point or another, every house will have one or more of these types of pests, but that’s where we come in.

We will send out a team of our professionals to inspect your home and test for any possible infestation. We can then strategize a plan of action based on the severity of the situation, discuss it with you and proceed with extermination according to it.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial pest control in Sydney is available for all sorts of businesses. Our services are specially designed for industrial and office settings, including warehouses and food stores or warehouses where pests are more likely to appear.

We are experts at providing fast, efficient and most importantly, cost-effective service. Our pest control services offer the most optimal solution to every problem.

We take pride in servicing all sorts of commercial premises including, but not limited to the following:

  • Bars and pubs
  • Caravan parks
  • Childcare centres & crèches
  • Construction sites
  • Hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics
  • Industrial units and warehouses.
  • Food manufacturing plants
  • Restaurants & takeaway shops
  • Schools, colleges & universities
  • Shops
  • More

As a specialist in pest control services, Sydney Side has been in the industry for over a decade. We are an agile company with an expert team of technicians who work with you to provide solutions to pest problems.

Our technicians are fully trained and experienced professionals who use only the best methods of pest control. Our extensive range of pest control services include:

Cockroach Pest Control​

Cockroaches are one of the most common household pests. They are most prone to infest your kitchens and pantry and ruin your food. We strategize solutions to get rid of them without harming anyone in your homes.

Rodents Pest Control​

Rodents can be a serious risk to you and your family’s health. They carry a risk of contracting nasty diseases. They can occur pretty commonly in Sydney, especially during the winter season. Pest Control Sydney Side has expert professionals who provide quality rodent extermination services.

Ant Control​

Ants are a common problem and can be found in both homes and businesses. They contaminate your food and build nests in the nooks of your walls and doors, weakening them over time. At Pest Control Sydney Side, we know exactly how to get rid of them safely and effectively.

Termite Treatments

Termites can cause destruction that can cost you thousands of dollars that even insurance might not cover! Our professional services are just a call away from termite extermination in Sydney. We use the most trusted methods for termite treatment.

Spider Exterminator​

Are you sick of a spider infestation? They not only possess harm to your eatables, but some species may also bite! We can deal with any size spider problem, from huntsman spiders to home-invading great-webs.

Flea Pest Control​

Fleas can cause major problems for both homes and business premises. If you are looking for the best flea pest control in Sydney, it’s time to look no further. Our expert services are just a call away.

Bed Bug Infestations​

Bed bugs can wreak havoc in your life. They bite and can even cause anxiety and insomnia – causing a negative impact on both physical and mental health. No matter how small the infestation, we can help get rid of bed bugs in your home or business.

Bird Proofing​

Birds are a host to a whole lot of pests. They carry parasites and diseases causing harm to you and everyone around. Get sound bird proofing with us! We use safe and eco-friendly ways to keep birds at bay.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

Our technicians are fully trained and experienced professionals who use only the best methods of pest control. Our extensive range of pest control services include:

Enjoy FREE Inspection with Every Appointment​

Why Choose Pest Control Sydney Side?
1. Top-Rated Pest Control Service in Sydney.

We’re at the top of our game with our expert team, ongoing education & training, and ongoing development. We’re so confident about our service that we guarantee 100% results.

2. Professionalism You Can Trust

Pest Control Sydney Side provides same day service throughout Sydney. We use the latest technology to track pests and calls as soon as they show up so we can quickly identify the problem and offer solutions.

3. Safety Comes First

Pest Control Sydney Side is safe! We equally care for our environment and treat your family like ours. Therefore, we only use safe and non-toxic chemicals that are also proven and effective. Your family and pets and our environment are safe with us!

4. Best for House Plans

While most customized plans can cost you between $200 – $400 for one project, we, on the other hand, offer a fixed solution.

Our fixed price plan starts at $150 per house, which is affordable for all customers. This includes free inspections and ongoing solutions, as well as expert advice on how to prevent further pests from entering your home or office.

5. Expert Team

Our team is the best of the best. Our expert team is comprised of qualified and experienced technicians that are certified to provide quality pest control services.

We have been around for over 15 years now and are constantly expanding our service offering. With our expertise, we can help property owners with the pest situation in their homes or office space.

6. Step by Step Procedure – Inspection to solution

With our step by step procedure – inspection to the solution process, we ensure we don’t miss anything. Our skilled team will walk you through the pest problem, so it’s fixed before anything else happens!

7. Unique Feature (Preventative Advice)

Our team is made up of experts who know what they’re doing. Not only does Pest Control Sydney Side offer services for residential and commercial purposes, but we also give advice on how to prevent pests from reaching your property in the first place – so you don’t have to face a pest invasion.

8. State-of-the-Art Technology (Real-Time Tracking)

With our step by step procedure – inspection to the solution process, we ensure we don’t miss anything. Our skilled team will walk you through the pest problem, so it’s fixed before anything else happens!

9. Customized Solutions for All Needs

Our services are customized to suit your needs — whether it’s a household pest problem or commercial property infestation. We don’t just offer one solution; we offer a range from termite treatments to ant-seal services and more.

10. No Smell, No Mess, and No Pests!

Worried that pest deterrents will leave behind an unbearable smell or our technicians will create a mess at your property? Not with us! We leave behind no smell, no smell, and yes, no pests too!

11. Customer Satisfaction

Our customers come first – you are our #1 priority, and we walk every extra mile to keep you satisfied. Feel free to contact us anytime for same-day services.

Our team is here to serve you with professionalism and experience. No matter what the pest is, we have the solution to get rid of it while staying within your budget. We provide effective, non-toxic solutions that are safe for your home or business.

Pests are a part of life, and they’re out to ruin yours. They’re not easy to get rid of, but with the right pest control specialist resources, you can have your peace of mind back.

Don’t Just Take it From Us, Here's What Our Clients Say.

"I would like to thank the team at Pest Control Sydney Side for their services. They have given me peace of mind for the rodent problems we were facing. I highly recommend this company if you're looking for a great service provider."

- Gabriella Bruny

I had pest control Sydney Side service at my house a few days ago for termites, and I must say that the team did an amazing job. Pest Control Sydney Side provided me with professional service, and it’s fantastic to see how the company respects its customers.

– Harrison Bannerman

Pest Control Sydney Side have been working with my family for a number of years. They provide quality, bespoke control services that are ethical and eco-friendly. I trust them with their services. They are always on time, thank you so much! My family would never go to another company – no other company has the same level of professionalism and reliable service.

– Tahlia Vanthoff

I contacted Pest Control Sydney Side to have an infestation of cockroaches removed from my apartment. They arrived within the time frame I was given and did an excellent job with the extermination. There was no sign of the roaches by the time they left, and I was so happy with the services that I gave them a five-star review!

– Jesse Bronner

Frequently Asked Questions
1. How much is the cost of pest control in Sydney?

The cost of pest control in Sydney varies as per the size and structure of the property. Most of the time, the customized plans can cost you anywhere between $200 – $400, but with us, get the best value for your money.

With our free consultations and fixed prices starting at just $150 per house, we give you peace of mind knowing that you’re not going to be spending more than you should on your pest problems.

2. Are your services available on weekends?

Our services are available from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. During these hours, we will fit you in any slot you would like to have us.

3. How long will pest control last?

Depending on the type of treatment, the pest control services can last between 3 – 6 months.

Our professional experts will ensure to find a treatment plan that offers you maximum value for your money and will last longer than usual pest services. With us, you always get more for less!

4. Do you offer a guarantee for your services?

Of course, we do!

We offer a six months warranty for our general pests services.

Our warranty comes with a certificate which enlists all the mandatory details like the day and date of visit, names of team members who visited, the inspection results, the treatment plan executed, the pest deterrents and tools used and where they were sourced from, and other necessary things.

We keep a safe record for our clients, so they always have access to all the details whenever needed in the future.

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